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Landscaper Registration

 Effective June 26, 2017

An Ordinance enacted on April 28, 2017 requires businesses providing landscaping services in Coral Gables residential neighborhoods, to register the vehicles used for landscaping annually with the City of Coral Gables Finance Department. Please refer to Section 82-5 of the City Code.

This Ordinance was enacted to provide safety, noise restriction, parking requirements, proper disposal of landscape debris and updated code information.

Registration is $5.00 per vehicle decal, per year, plus applicable Local Business Tax.

Applying for a Local Landscaper Registration


Landscaper Registration:

  • Annual registration fee        $  5.00

Business Tax Receipt:

  • Landscape Maintenance Contractors - Includes installation, planting, and maintenance of yards and grounds; planting and care of trees, grass and shrubs; cutting of grass, pruning and minor planting; does not include spraying service, installation of sprinkler systems or pest control services. 

    Business with:                            Annual Fee 
    One (1) to three (3) persons        $10.00 
    Four (4) to eight(8) persons         $20.00 
    Over eight (8) persons                 $30.00


The following are exempt from the local landscape vehicle registration requirement: 

        a. Any individual younger than 22 years old who is enrolled in an elementary, middle or high school program and who performs landscaping services on a part-time basis and who does not use a commercial vehicle while doing so; 

        b. Subcontractors for Florida Power and Light (FPL) or other utility companies performing landscaping maintenance to areas surrounding polls or other equipment; 

        c. Landscaping or tree trimming performed either in anticipation of a state of emergency, due to a hurricane or similar natural disaster, or following such an event for a reasonable period of time, as determined by the City Manager; 

        d. Educational institutions (including the school district and public or private colleges or universities), county, state and federal government entities, religious institutions and hospitals; 

        e. The City Manager may waive the registration requirement for good cause.

Active City vendors engaging in work for the City or who perform work at the City’s request must register all vehicles but are not required to pay the registration fee. 

Local Landscape Vehicle Registration Flyer

Local Landscape Vehicle Registration Flyer (Spanish)


Landscape Brochure 1

 Landscape Brochure 2

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